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Psalm 47

1 [For the choir director; a psalm by Korah's descendants.] Clap your hands, all you people. Shout to God with a loud, joyful song.

2 We must fear the LORD, the Most High. He is the great king of the whole earth.

3 He brings people under our authority and [puts] nations under our feet.

4 He chooses our inheritance for us, the pride of Jacob, whom he loved. [Selah]

5 God has gone up with a joyful shout. The LORD has gone up with the sound of a ram's horn.

6 Make music to praise God. Play music for him! Make music to praise our king. Play music for him!

7 God is the king of the whole earth. Make your best music for him!

8 God rules the nations. He sits upon his holy throne.

9 The influential people from the nations gather together as the people of the God of Abraham. The rulers of the earth belong to God. He rules everything.

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