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Nehemiah 1

1:1 The words - Or rather, the acts, as the word often signifies. Chisleu - Which is the ninth month, containing part of November, and part of December. Year - Of Artaxerxes. Shushan - The royal city of Persia.

1:3 The province - In Judea, now a province under the Persian monarchs. The wall, and c. - The walls and gates continue as Nebuchadnezzar left them; the Jews not being in a condition to rebuild them, nor having commission from the kings of Persia to do so.

1:4 The God of heaven - Who seeth in secret; secret; having no opportunity of doing it openly.

1:6 Which I pray, and c. - He refers to all the prayers, which he had for some time been putting up.

1:11 To fear thy name - Those who truly desire to fear his name, shall be graciously accepted of God. This man - The king: who is but a man and therefore his heart is wholly at thy disposal. Favour with men is then comfortable, when we see it springing from the mercy of God. Cup - bearer - Whereby I had opportunity to speak to him, and some favour with him.

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