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Ezekiel 42

1 And he bringeth me forth unto the outer court, the way northward, and he bringeth me in unto the chamber that is over-against the separate place, and that is over-against the building at the north. 2 At the front of the length is a hundred cubits at the north opening, and the breadth fifty cubits. 3 Over-against the twenty cubits that are to the inner court, and over-against the pavement that is to the outer court, is gallery over-against gallery, in the three storeys. 4 And at the front of the chambers is a walk of ten cubits in breadth unto the inner part, a way of one cubit, and their openings are at the north. 5 And the upper chambers are short, for the galleries contain more than these, than the lower, and than the middle one, of the building; 6 for they are threefold, and they have no pillars as the pillars of the court, therefore it hath been kept back -- more than the lower and than the middle one -- from the ground. 7 As to the wall that is at the outside, over-against the chambers, the way of the outer-court at the front of the chambers, its length is fifty cubits; 8 for the length of the chambers that are to the outer court is fifty cubits, and of those on the front of the temple a hundred cubits. 9 And under these chambers is the entrance from the east, in one's going into them from the outer court.

10 In the breadth of the wall of the court eastward, unto the front of the separate place, and unto the front of the building, are chambers. 11 And the way before them is as the appearance of the chambers that are northward, according to their length so is their breadth, and all their outlets, and according to their fashions, and according to their openings. 12 And according to the openings of the chambers that are southward is an opening at the head of the way, the way directly in the front of the wall eastward in entering them.

13 And he saith unto me, 'The north chambers, the south chambers, that are at the front of the separate place, they are holy chambers, where the priests (who are near to Jehovah) eat the most holy things, there they place the most holy things, and the present, and the sin-offering, and the guilt-offering, for the place is holy. 14 In the priests' going in, they come not out from the sanctuary unto the outer court, and there they place their garments with which they minister, for they are holy, and have put on other garments, and have drawn near unto that which is for the people.'

15 And he hath finished the measurements of the inner house, and hath brought me forth the way of the gate whose front is eastward, and he hath measured it all round about. 16 He hath measured the east side with the measuring-reed, five hundred reeds, with the measuring-reed round about. 17 He hath measured the north side, five hundred reeds, with the measuring reed round about. 18 The south side he hath measured, five hundred reeds, with the measuring-reed. 19 He hath turned round unto the west side, he hath measured five hundred reeds with the measuring-reed. 20 At the four sides he hath measured it, a wall is to it all round about, the length five hundred, and the breadth five hundred, to separate between the holy and the profane place.

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