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Job 4

1 Then Eliphaz from Teman replied [to Job],

2 "If someone tries to talk to you, will you become impatient? But who can keep from talking?

3 Certainly, you have instructed many people: When hands were weak, you made them strong.

4 When someone stumbled, you lifted him up with your words. When knees were weak, you gave them strength.

5 But trouble comes to you, and you're impatient. It touches you, and you panic.

6 Doesn't your fear of God give you confidence and your lifetime of integrity give you hope?

7 "Now think about this: Which innocent person [ever] died [an untimely death]? Find me a decent person who has been destroyed.

8 Whenever I saw those who plowed wickedness and planted misery, they gathered its harvest.

9 God destroys them with his breath and kills them with a blast of his anger.

10 Though the roar of the lion and the growl of the ferocious lion [is loud], the young lions have had their teeth knocked out.

11 The old lions die without any prey [to eat], and the cubs of the lioness are scattered.

12 "I was told something secretly and heard something whispered in my ear.

13 With disturbing thoughts from visions in the night, when deep sleep falls on people,

14 fear and trembling came over me, and all my bones shook.

15 A spirit passed in front of me. It made my hair stand on end.

16 Something stood there. I couldn't tell what it was. A vague image was in front of my eyes. I heard a soft voice:

17 'Can [any] mortal be righteous to God? Can [any] human being be pure to his maker?'

18 "You see, God doesn't trust his own servants, and he accuses his angels of making mistakes.

19 How much more will he accuse those who live in clay houses that have their foundation in the dust. Those houses can be crushed quicker than a moth!

20 From morning to evening, they are shattered. They will disappear forever without anyone paying attention.

21 Haven't the ropes of their tent been loosened? Won't they die without wisdom?

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